Dragon Boat


Program Details

Ages: 16-80
Cost: $150 for 2-day-a-week training stream / $75 for 1-day-a-week training stream (Mid May - August)
2-Day-a-Week Stream:  6:45 p.m. – 7:45 p.m., Mondays and Thursdays, Mid May - August
1-Day-a-Week Stream: 6:45 p.m. – 7:45 p.m., Monday OR Thursdays (Paddlers can choose what night works best for their schedule), Mid May - August
Location: West End Marina Parking Lot (100 Hibernia St, Cobourg, ON K9A 3J8). Practice is in the harbour.

2024 Festival Dates and Locations

June 8 - Peterborough 

July 20 - Trenton - Sign-Up for this Event by clicking HERE

August 24 - Belleville

September 14 - Stratford

What is a Dragon Boat?

A dragon boat is a long, narrow canoe that seats 20 paddlers in 10 rows. It has a drummer at the front of the boat by the dragon’s head and a steersperson who navigates the back of the boat. The dragon head at the front of the boat and a dragon tail at the back of the boat are usually displayed during competitions and not always at team practices.

What is Dragon Boating?

Dragon boating originated from Hong Kong in 1976, but its historical roots can be traced back to more than 2,000 years ago in China. During races, dragon boaters typically paddle in sync along a 250m or 500m racecourse toward the finish line.

Is experience needed?

The great thing about dragon boating is that anyone (literally!) can join. We welcome everyone with a curiosity and interest in learning more about dragon boating, at all fitness levels and backgrounds.

What can I expect in a practice?

On-water practices last about 1 hour long and include technique drills and race pieces, while incorporating elements of interval, endurance, and power training. This is all done in a dragon boat.

If I join the twice a week program, do I have to go to festivals?

No, not at all. Signing up for festivals will always be voluntary.

If I join the once-a-week program, can I still sign up for festivals?

Yes, you can, all members are welcome to attend festivals. 

Are the practices just for fitness or are they to prepare for races?

The practices will be about fun and fitness. There will be some attention paid early on to technique, just so everyone can paddle together. Just before a festival, there will likely be one or two practices where there is an emphasis on race preparation. However, everyone will still be welcome to attend these practices.

I am new to dragon boat. What should I wear?

Clothing for practices is weather-dependent. Expect to get wet from splashing, so early in the season it is important to either wear a water-resistant layer on top or wear clothing that will keep you warm when wet. We do not leave the dock if we can see lightning or hear thunder, but we will practice in light rain. As above, you can either wear rainwear or clothing that is comfortable when wet. Footwear can vary. I prefer water sandals or canoe shoes, but most people wear running shoes that they don’t mind getting wet.

Will there be an opportunity to socialize with other paddlers?

We will arrange with a local restaurant, as we have in the past, every Thursday evening after practice to go for snackies and beverages to spend time getting to know each other outside of the boat.  

What does your team do when they are not training and racing?

Believe it or not, we're friends outside of training too! We engage in a variety of social activities, doing typical things you'd do with any of your group of friends such as watching movies together, hanging out at barbecues, celebrating team member birthdays, and much more. We also participate in a variety of community events as active citizens such as racing in marathons and promote the sport of paddling. 

Dragon Boat Photos